Mezzanine Changing Exhibit Gallery

A. Aubrey Bodine Photo Exhibit 2020-2021


The isolation of the recent pandemic draws us further into the photographs of A. Aubrey Bodine to explore the warmth, pain, joy, and exhaustion expressed by generations that struggled with the loneliness of labor. A. Aubrey Bodine examines the grittiness of the brackish waters of the Chesapeake Bay with the sweet tenderness of a tired smile. His images celebrate the most common and sometimes unusual occupations up and down the waterway. Bodine described his work and passion, “Photographing the United States was a big thrill, but I always get a bigger thrill when I make a picture of a fleet of dredge boats moving over an oyster bed on a beautiful autumn day.” The power of Bodine’s photography, his subject and composition, goes beyond the frame and reaches the reflection of the observer as we identify with the faces of the Chesapeake.